Builder’s Purchase Deposit Program

By February 22, 2015Uncategorized

We’re launching a non traditional and affordable product that will secure finance for Canadian residential buyers and builders.  After much research and planning, Canada Mortgage & Financial Group has developed an exclusive and innovative solution that has never been offered in Canada, the USA or even North America.

Developers are encouraged to get on our list of interested investors.  By signing up, you will be guaranteed exclusive rights to this program.  This innovation will help you sell units faster than the competition and help rack up the pre-sales you need to obtain the institutional financing that CMFG can facilitate.

We’re looking for builders to endorse our new program, which will be accessible to Canadian clients only.  This product is not available to institutional, sub-prime, or alternative lenders.

We’re excited to be the first and only broker/lender to offer such a wonderful product that benefits both builders and clients.  Watch our website for more details.  Builders can contact ameera Ameerullah for further information.

Note: This product is designed to assist homebuyers who are purchasing from builders ONLY.  We will not disclose or offer this program to mortgage brokers, individual renovation contractors or lenders at this time.

Product launching this summer.