Hotel, Construction & Commercial Finance

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We’re specialists when it comes to financing commercial and residential real estate investments. Our expertise includes the structuring of development financing, land acquisition, renovations, construction and secondary financing on income properties.

We’ll provide interim financing to help move your project forward.  Institutional or private construction loans are determined on pre-sales and personal net-worth. And we’ll give you a response within 24 hours so you can keep your project on track.

We’re specialists in financing commercial office buildings, plazas, hotels, medical facilities, multi-residential units, mixed-use properties, land development, multiplex residential units, high and low-rise condominium developments, student housing and schools.  We would also consider smaller or larger investments that might solidify a relationship with a specific developer, or that would obtain a foothold in a new sector or market.

Hotel financing is a specialized area and there are very few players in the market.  Financing solutions in this segment include hotel acquisitions, construction loans, company restructuring and the refinancing of existing hotels. It is very important to note that our lending department has underwritten and facilitated a wide variety of deals in this area and has extensive knowledge of the hotel industry.

CMFG also focuses on construction loans.  We can arrange interim loans to cover hard costs of construction projects over the short term and facilitate repayment in full either by a disposition of assets or through permanent take-out financing.

Bridge financing that allows borrowers to fulfill immediate obligations and provide a cash flow while they await income is available. Our lending department also specializes in mezzanine loans to assist developers in securing supplementary financing for their projects.

When it comes to income properties, we consider longer-term transactions of up to 5 years and these have the potential to offer returns that are risk-adjusted and exceed targets.

All of our investments are subject to transparency and due diligence reviews, including strict market, site, and financial analysis; developer reference checks; environmental audits and legal review.  We also take an active role in monitoring and managing each project in which our Fund invests.  We typically include approval rights in our contractual agreements and contribute our resources and expertise where applicable to ensure success for both borrowers and investors.

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