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“I was once dropping coins on the road so those standing there would think my coins rolled away and I can’t find it so they’ll give me the balance just before the bus came. I didn’t have sufficient money to get on the bus to get to school and work but I had a dream and passion to pursue!  When you think your situation is worse or people don’t understand…Just try talking” – CEO, Ameera Ameerullah

Clients take note in managing your debts and monthly credit payments – Pay even the minimum payment required.  Having no credit is like thinking you can drive a car with no gas!

“Life Happens…One day at a time” Our talk show coming soon…..

We know you may not have sufficient capital left over to payout current debt balance and you’re living paycheck to paycheck.  It is indeed difficult to assume and maintain expenses given the high cost for food, housing, and all necessities with having a minimum income or minimum increase of income.  We get it.

Do not be ashamed to downsize and do not worry about what others think if you choose to.  At the end of the day, you have to maintain your home, family expenses, and living expenses.  No one else will.  Having challenged credit means, you have either encounter some crisis or may had unforeseen expenses that you didn’t plan for which caused you to be late with maintaining payments OR you’re not responsible or know how to manage or you may assume debt for education and didn’t get a satisfactory job to cover the loan repayment or you may have gone through a family crisis or health issue or taxation issue that caused you to be in this position or not being able to make ends meet or you have an addiction problem –  we can anticipate so many reasons until we hear from you!

We at CMFG, are heart-centered leaders that are focused on your wellness and we can help in guiding you in establishing and maintaining excellent credit, a budget for expenses based on your income and help you attain your goals.  It is never too late and you don’t know everything…Let us assist you at NO COST.

“It is my obligation and priority to assist consumers to live a balanced lifestyle”  CEO, Ameera Ameerullah

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I had REJECT beacon credit score with derogs even before I established credit or know what a credit bureau is. I couldn’t pay my cable bill and I took a phone under my name for a friend who never paid her bill. I then realized how negatively this impacted me as a consumer and how to establish credit, and the importance of credit in Canada – Ameera Ameerullah

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