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CMFG is a team of heart-centered professionals that maintains transparency and efficient service.  We are not just a mortgage brokerage but an alternative private lending company that’s bridging the gap.  We are a solution based firm having the resources and knowledge of structuring transactions. CMFG received several accolades and recognition which sets us apart in the Canadian Mortgage Industry. 

We have been listening to many realtors with reference to their relationship with mortgage brokers and our objective is to create change and remove that stigma as our role in the mortgage industry is prominent.


  • Turnaround/ response time for approvals
  • Lack of communication and keeping realtors informed, answering calls and emails in a timely manner
  • Challenges of obtaining mortgage approvals due to lending restrictions and qualification requirements (income sources, minimum down payment, challenged credit)
  • Professionalism – unclear communication, not being respectful to others time, educating clients of their options, being forthcoming and transparent
  • Lack of knowledge on mortgage options, industry changes and deal structuring by mortgage brokers that are not keeping themselves informed of mortgage products, CMHC/Genworth/Canada Guarantee guidelines, creativity when structuring challenged transactions for eg. Self-employed clients, commission income, multiple property owners, new immigrant, non-resident, challenged credit, bankruptcy clients, decent credit with down payment but minimum income.


  • Our closing ratio of 100% has set a unique benchmark in the industry
  • Communication service level keeping all parties informed
  • Do not dodge phone calls
  • Time management, dedication, creativity, same day response, 24 hours for approvals
  • We do not pull credit unless we know it is a doable deal
  • We do not shop deals to several lenders
  • We only pull credit once prior to submission to the lender for actual approval
  • Within a phone conversation, we can advise our professional opinion of where we see the deal fits
  • We do not go back and forth asking for documentation but obtain necessary documents upfront to expedite the process as we respect everyone’s time
  • Our underwriters and compliance team has a combined experience of over 40 years in the mortgage lending industry
  • We understand realtors spend time, gas and may look at over 50 properties before obtaining an offer, so whenever that deal comes to us – WE WORK AS HARD to provide fast and efficient service
  • Keeping up to date with current market changes from real estate valuations, insurer guidelines, lending policy, and restrictions
  • We are known as a solution based team so we will exhaust options to ensure we obtain the most affordable and suitable mortgage for your clients

MOST IMPORTANTLY:  We do not treat our clients as a paycheque, they are human beings.

CMFG believes that everyone should be compensated so we do offer an incentive as a token of appreciation for you trusting us with your business and giving us the opportunity to be of service.

Contact Ameera at 6474949885 ext 107 OR email