Who Are We?

Canada Mortgage and Financial Group (CMFG), is an independently owned and operated mortgage brokerage and lending firm specialized in institutional and alternative financing. We facilitate real estate funding across Canada and the USA.

The firm brings a wide range of services including real estate development, investing in private mortgages, residential, construction, commercial and hotel financing. With access to funding from banks, trust companies, credit unions, and private lenders, CMFG delivers affordable financing solution and rates. Our knowledge of structuring transactions and service-oriented approach to borrowing and lending allows CMFG to meet the requirements of borrowers, including faster execution and more flexible terms. We believe in educating individuals and families on managing their finances, establish and maintain good credit, invest in real estate, and build personal wealth. Response time is within 24 hours.

Recognitions & Awards

  • Best Alternative Lending Broker of the Year
  • Alternative Broker Specialist (New to Canada)
  • Top Alternative Broker
  • Top Commercial Broker
  • Woman of Influence
  • Top 75 Mortgage Brokers
  • Top Independent Brokerages
  • Top Brokerages in Canada
  • Community Leader, Human Rights Advocate – Government of Canada

Our Team

Ameera Ameerullah

Vice President, Investor Relations
Maroun Khalil

Project Development & Consultant
Douglas L. Fowles

Operations Manager, Underwriting
Linda Gibson

Administration & Marketing
Allameen Ally

Business Development Manager
Syed Bokhari

Business Development Manager
Julian Fitsalovich