Who Are We?

Allameen Ally – Administration & Marketing

Allameen is an entrepreneur that has recently started to explore the mortgage industry. He specializes in IT management and security while being a professional gamer. He has won several tournaments worldwide and is known as the first 2 times Canadian World Gaming Champion. He has setup system security from malware protection to encryption/cryptography for several servers in the past and has a passion to further his knowledge within innovative sector technology while maintaining his reputation as a pro gamer.  Allameen currently manages the marketing department and provides IT Support to CMFG. He’s also a Stock Trader, Human Rights advocate, Online Activist and Co-Founder of Restore Humanity.

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Our Team

Ameera Ameerullah

Vice President, Investor Relations
Maroun Khalil

Project Development & Consultant
Douglas L. Fowles

Operations Manager, Underwriting
Linda Gibson

Administration & Marketing
Allameen Ally

Business Development Manager
Syed Bokhari

Business Development Manager
Julian Fitsalovich