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Linda Gibson – Operations Manager, Underwriting

Linda Gibson’s name is well known within the financial circle given her lending experience of over 30 years working in a multitude of channels but this was not always the case. Finance was not her first choice of study. She graduated with an Honours B.Sc. from the University of Toronto specializing in sciences, anthropology and world religions. Fearing the ever looming student debt from a 4-year degree, she immediately transitioned to a job with Canada Trust (TD Bank). This was the beginning of her financial world education, one at which she excelled at with ease and confidence. Within the structure of the banking system, she acquired her IFIC license and CSC security accreditation. Moving up through the ranks over a 10-year tenure with the bank her final position was Branch Manager of customer sales and services also acting as the Branch Compliance Officer. Linda then moved into mortgage underwriting and lending with HSBC, Equitable Trust (Equitable Bank), Merix Financial and Genworth Financial which added to her experience in insured and alternative lending, mortgage due diligence and compliance.

As part of CMFG, Linda takes on the leadership role in managing the Operations and Underwriting Department. She is highly praised for her response time, through communication, customer service, quick wit and never give up attitude. Her decades of experience in mortgage structuring, compliance, knowledge of lenders and insurance guidelines serve as a valuable asset to the CMFG team.

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