Clarisa Smith, Toronto

Great team here!! I was stuck as a first time buyer and didn’t understand the process, and was left with one day to close when my cousin directed me to call Ameera as he was following her on facebook. If I didn’t connect with her , I would have lost my deposit which was pretty much all the money I had saved up! I feel like God sent me an angel here. My prior broker kept on making failed promises and said he will get my file done with CIBC bank where I had the run around too. CMFG closed my purchase in one day with no fee and my only option was to close private mortgage due to timeline but soon after Ameera refinanced my mortgage out with the bank. I couldn’t be more happy. She explained the entire process, sent me emails late nights and responded immediately. I highly recommend Ameera and CMFG!

Highly Recommend
John Batista, Oakville

If you want honest, fast turnaround and straight forward answers, then contact this company. The CEO is incredibly thorough and honest woman. The professional conduct, clear explanation and respond time is exceptional. We were stuck with our bank and didn’t realize we kept on renewing every year while carrying our car loan and line of credit debts. Ameera broke down the difference in payment vs consolidating which saved us almost $1100 per month! That was extra money in our pocket that went towards our children education. Thank you Ameera.

Fast Turnaround Time
Gurtej Singh, Brampton

With the help of Ameera and Cmfg we secured a good rate and she didn’t charge us any fee. Other broker was charging us 1% and we didn’t like his way of doing things but thanks to our friend for referring Ameera. She didn’t only help with our personal home but also the purchase of our plaza. Thank you Ameera and team Cmfg for your hard work and patience. Highly recommend your service.

Hard work and patience
Michael Lau, Toronto

The best team. Ameera is thorough and very pleasant to work with. She’s very knowledgeable and unlike other brokers we have worked with, she is by far the best and there’s no comparison. We cannot thank her enough for guiding us through the process of buying our first commercial building. Thanks Ameera.

Pleasant to work with
Rommel Lumbao, North York

Ameera educate her clients on their options in a transparent manner so they can make the right decision that best suit their objective. Her strong governance in underwriting, structuring transactions, providing alternative product options and experience makes every transaction an easy process. I have observed her attitude and contribution over the years working with her directly. She is the best mortgage broker I’ve come across and one I can count on for honest advice.

Honest Advice
Poonam Madan, Mississauga

I have had the privilege of dealing with Ameera Ameerullah and Canada Mortgage and Financial Group for our mutual clients. I have known Ameera personally and professionally for over eight years. Ameera goes the extra mile while providing her services. She is professional and attentive to the needs of her clients. She is hardworking and diligent in her work. Our mutual clients always commend her dedication to their matters as they always feel understood and taken care of. She is committed to doing the most she can to help her clients and this is evident to anyone who deals with her. She asserts her commitment to a positive and efficient work environment not just in the way she handles matters with clients, but also with whomever she is working with. She is friendly, kind, and approachable and makes everyone feel comfortable whenever she is speaking with them. She is an asset to have around in both a personal and professional capacity and a role model that other mortgage brokers look up to in their respective field.

Kind and Approachable
Roy Thomas, Toronto

I have had the pleasure of working with Ameera and her team at CMFG. They have been excellent in their response time, efficiency and doing the best for the clients. Ameera is not a money driven person and she continues to focus on structuring transactions that is deemed suitable for borrowers. CMFG Brokerage is exceptional and stands out from others given their successful track record, efficiency and knowledge in the business. As a lender, we continue to work on deals and successful co fund on many. I am very impressed with Ameera’s attitude towards hardwork and dedication to her work. Quite often I have got emails and calls from her late night to discuss a deal or situation that she is trying to resolve for her clients. Her resilience and never give up attitude is refreshing and motivating. She explore all possibilities and truly care for her clients and maintaining transparency with all parties involved.

Maroun Khalil, North York

I have known Ameera for 6 years. She is the type of person to whom I entrusted with my life savings after our first meeting. Our professional and friendship relationship had flourished since, and the payback way exceeded my expectations. From the outset, Ameera was a great support and a generous person who did not hesitate for one moment to show unconditional support and tutoring. A dedicated professional, compassionate and humble, Ameera will always go the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy. She is warm, thoughtful, compassionate and dependable; the type who never forgets to remind others about important deadlines and deliverables no matter how hectic her day is at the time. She fights tirelessly for her clients and friends alike as she places their interests above hers. An advocate for fairness, Ameera’s name became synonymous with justice and ethics.

Justice and Ethics
Hani Kiameh, Scarborough

I have dealt with CMFG for many years. All CMFG team members consistently provided exceptional service, quality products, and timely support. The care and attention that the team provided is simply second to none. This value added service is second nature to all the team members. Under Ameera’s leadership, the culture of genuine care and professional support is evident at all levels of the company. CMFG’s dedication, expert advice, and firm compliance with governance and legislation are solid values and cornerstones that clients appreciate throughout every dealing and transaction.

Exceptional Service
Grace and Domenico Vescio, Etobicoke

Ms. Ameerullah has been a great help and support to us and my daughters. Her ethics, honesty and prompt attention to matters is exceptional. Both my wife Grace and I has used her service at CMFG for several years and we are pleased. We will not work with anyone else except her. We are also investors of CMFG fund and we have always been paid on time and she is on top of everything. I’ve worked with many brokers but none is like her. She goes above and beyond. Late nights, weekends or anytime , she’ll make herself available to respond. While juggling this demanding career, Ameera continue to give back to the society. What makes her such a great person is the compassion and kindness she shows to others. Words is not enough to demonstrate or explain the human being she is. A strong business leader and woman who truly cares.

A strong business leader
Adebisi and Babatunde Afolayan, Burlington

Ameera has been our mortgage broker since 2018. She was referred to us by a friend. She helped us secure a mortgage for our first home and we have seen been using her company. She has helped with securing very good mortgage rates for my family. And throughout each process, constantly providing updates as regards progress. She is available to address any concerns or questions we have and ensured that our mortgage and refinancing process went smoothly. As a result of the positive experience with her, we have also gone ahead to refer her to our friends and colleagues as well, who had a similar positive experience.

Positive experience
Christian Quan Kep, Bolton

Ameera was recommended to me by a family member and I am truly happy to be working with her. For the past few months Ameera has shown diligence, determination and goes above all to meet my needs. She is patient and offers her wealth of financial wisdom and experience so I can rest easy knowing my mortgage is in good hands. Her outreach in the community can also be felt for the various activities she plans and participates in.

Diligence & Determination
Rumit Sethi, London

I appreciate all the great work that she has done regarding my home mortgage process. Being a first time home buyer I was very skeptical as i did not have much knowledge about the rates and process but her knowledge, customer service and ability to provide prompt response made it all very easy . Her patience with all the questions that i asked made me learn alot about my home mortgage and made the while process very smooth and efficient. I would definitely recommend Ameera Ameerullah for her great service and Wish her all the best.

Smooth and Efficient
Nicholas and Dhanwantie Latchman, Brampton

I’ve have known Ameera for over 5 years and have found her to be a reliable and intelligent individual, who is always willing to help no matter what the situation. In short, I would like to recommend Ameera as a trustworthy person who can be relied upon and she will be a valued colleague and friend.

Natasha Minhas, Mississauga

I was overwhelmed with the difficult files and couldn’t work my way through them. The support and guidance I needed was not there. Not only was I struggling in professional life, I was struggling immensely in personal life as well. I called Ameera to get her help and guidance. Today, I stand more confident because she has my back and I have her as my mentor! She took me in as an agent, worked harder than I did on my files and always came up with a solution for the clients. This shows another side of her; she’s an empath. Even in her professional career it’s not about making money but providing people with a roof on top of their heads, to have a place to call home. I’m proud to be under her wings! God bless her with the best only! And may she continue to make this world a better place.

Proud to be under her wings
Amala Drijpal, Clarington

I know first hand that she goes above and beyond for her clients having sought her expert advice on a complicated mortgage situation. Ameera does not only display professionalism, her kindness is evident in each conversation. She is knowledgeable and competent in what she does and does not settle for anything but the best results for her clients. Her commitment to her community is evident with all the activities she involves herself with to bring awareness to some very serious social issues. I consider her a trailblazer in the industry

Peter and Janice Breemhaar, St. George

We first met Ameera in May of 2018, when we responded to a newspaper advertisement about investing in mortgages. In addition to being professional, Ameera is always a friendly and caring person to deal with. Having confidence in the people you invest with is paramount, and Ameera and her staff certainly have us feeling quite at ease.

Friendly and Caring
Walid Sadek, Ottawa

We met with a number of different brokers in the past, and Ameera is by far the most responsive, informative, and helpful one we met. She is so passionate about helping her clients, and doesn’t save an effort in going the extra mile for them by explaining every tiny detail. Working with Ameera is an excellent experience I wish everyone looking for mortgage broker could have.

Excellent Experience
Phong Tran, Hamilton

I worked with Ameera in purchasing my current home. I am writing this email to recommend Ameera’s service to anyone who is looking for financing or buying a home. I would give 5/5 stars for her service. Ameera was listening and paid full attention to my situation. She then gave me her advice which is very useful and suitable for me. She was willing to stay online and walk me through the documents to make sure we on the same page and no error in the documents. Some occasions I had a question and I called or texted her on the weekend, she always responded and addressed it fully. All in all, Ameera is very good at what she does, detail oriented, responsive, friendly, thorough, listening. I would recommend her service.

5/5 stars
Joanna Maio, Mississauga

Ameera is a beautiful human being, she is ready and willing to lend a hand, go out of her way, drop all that she has on her to do list and reach out to the person in need. Be there until the well being of that person is established. I have had the pleasure of working with her on several projects during the past year, her dedication and strength was an inspiration to all of us. She sat aside her restrictions and somehow worked unrelentingly in providing all that was needed to meet the challenges of the most vulnerable. She was able to provide to her Community and beyond. She is selfless, her desire to help others is contagious, she does it with a lot of grace.

Pleasure working with her