CMFG brokering division offers institutional, alternative and private mortgages on various asset class for Canadians and non resident borrowers. Majority of our clients are self employed, first time buyers, real estate investors owning multiple properties or challenged credit clients.

  • First and second mortgages
  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Home equity line of credit (heloc)
  • Bridge finance
  • Mortgage renewal
  • Switching your mortgage
  • Mixed use real estate
  • Port your mortgage
  • 5% minimum down payment
  • 10% minimum down payment for self employed clients
  • Up to 35% down payment for non-resident buyers
  • Up to 40 year amortization
  • Down payment program for purchasers
  • Approved without the stress test ( exception basis)
  • Insured and conventional mortgages
  • Self-employed stated income program
  • No income verification ( equity program)
  • Non resident
  • Clients in default or power of sale
  • New immigrant
  • Consumer proposal
  • New graduates
  • Purchase plus improvement program
  • Investment properties
  • Rentals
  • Commission income and contract job
  • Discharged bankruptcy
  • Challenged or no credit

Borrowers are required to have savings of 1.5% of the purchase price in addition to their down payment amount for closing costs. Acceptable source of down payment can be from savings, sale of an asset or gifted from an immediate family member. Borrowed down payment will be considered on an exception basis.


Borrowers typically refinance to consolidate high-interest debt, finance improvements of their home and investing in real estate to increase personal net worth. CMFG will negotiate the best mortgage options and rate with your existing or new lender.


HELOC is usually taken for the purpose of having access to available funds in emergency situations, business capital injection or to consolidate high-interest loans. The benefits of HELOC is to have the flexibility of interest only payment on the portion of funds used in addition to having access to available funds at all times. The interest rate is lower than private mortgage rates. This loan is reported on clients credit bureau which can potentially have a negative impact on the credit especially if it carries a high balance.


This is a short-term loan and method used to maintain liquidity while waiting for an anticipated and reasonably expected inflow of cash. For example, when selling a property, the vendor may not receive cash for 90 days, but has already purchased a new home and must pay within 30 days. Bridge financing covers the 60-day gap between cash flows.


Clients have the opportunity to renew three months prior to the date of maturity without incurring a penalty. This period can be used to determine mortgage options such as rate and terms for the borrower.


Most lenders now offer a no-cost or low-cost switching options. It is a good option to reduce your monthly interest costs.


Mixed-use financing applies to any property that is zoned and utilized for both residential and commercial purposes such as a retail store with apartments above.


An existing mortgage can be transferred to a new property if the interest rate is much lower than the current mortgage rates. Porting the mortgage prior to the date of maturity will avoid any penalties for the remaining mortgage term.