Real Estate

CMFG Development Consulting team brings over 50 years of experience and can do much more than just a “design-build”. We offer strategic planning and hands-on problem solving to add value and mitigate risk during each step of the site assessment, zoning, zoning amendments, planning, cost analysis, all Government approvals, design, and construction process, and are focused on the importance of controlling costs, schedule and quality.

The basic premise will be to oversee all aspects of developing a site and project. CMFG will coordinate all the various disciplines. For all the segments there will be two or three recommendations and clients can make their selection. The services which can be provided for any segment or in totality are:

  • Site assessment – market studies
  • Environmental assessments
  • Excavation and demolition
  • Zoning, opa amendment, re-zoning – lawyers
  • Planning the site – planners
  • Cost analysis
  • Obtaining site plan approval
  • Design – architectural, engineering
  • Co-ordinating value engineering
  • Preparing construction budgets
  • Obtaining permits
  • Setting up construction management – contractor
  • Assisting in construction tender call
  • Overseeing construction
  • Preparing the marketing program
  • Sales/ sales agency management
  • Tarion approved builder
  • Leasing

CMFG is known to bridge the gap by creating opportunities for Consumers, Developers, and Investors