Private Mortgages

Private lending is a popular alternative to conventional lending due to the numerous advantages offered over bank-financing arrangements.

Private mortgages are up to 1 year term with the option to renew. Rate and fees are contingent on the loan to value (LTV) and overall risk exposure.  Lender fee and legal fee will be deducted on closing prior to advance. Appraisal fee must be paid upfront by the borrower.  In some cases, we may cap the lenders fee and add in an interest reserve option on an exception basis.

    • Non-resident buyers
    • Avoid paying high-interest penalties to break an existing mortgage
    • Challenged or NO credit
    • Debt Consolidation
    • Not qualified under the stress test
    • Pay tuition fees and outstanding medical bills
    • Not qualified for a conventional mortgage
    • Payout of consumer proposals to re-establish credit
    • Payout property and income tax arrears
    • Power of sale avoidance
    • Business capital
    • Renovation or construction
    • Bridge loans
    • Purchase of another property
    • Payout an existing partner
    • Mortgage arrears or replace an existing mortgage, reducing monthly liabilities

Private loans can be a great option for individuals who are unable to qualify for a traditional bank mortgage. This may be due to being self-employed, having challenged or no credit, owning multiple properties or a result of carrying a high debt servicing ratio. Private lending is more property focused rather than person focused, which allows individuals access to financing that is otherwise unattainable elsewhere.


Trying to secure loans from a financial institution can be extremely difficult due to the long administration process and mountains of documentation required. Private lenders are able to act quickly, allowing you to receive funding and move forward. Time is money, and having capital when required can be invaluable for situations that require quick funding.


Investors who invest in value-add properties, or ‘flippers’, can benefit greatly from the fast funding for the purchase of properties or renovations. Private lending allows investors to act within a short time frame and have access to funds immediately rather than having the banks only fund up to a certain amount for renovation costs. Additionally, the funds are most disbursed by the banks after the renovation is completed, which does not work for most clients. The flexibility of deal structures in private financing is advantageous when a flipper is looking to move in and out quickly, offsetting the higher rates charged.


Unlike conventional mortgage institutions, which are more rigid due to the vast number of rules, regulations, and procedures, private lenders are able to tailor a suitable solution for borrowers. The mortgage can be prepaid for the term so you will not have to worry about a monthly payment and you can obtain a short term of up to 1 year with the option to renew. These are some of the numerous ways a private lender can contribute to your success.


Our response time is within 24 business hours. Our support staff are diligent, transparent and respect everyone’s time.